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Kline Research & Genealogy Services 

Specializing in Pennsylvania research, family mysteries in any state, with contacts in the UK, Northern Ireland, Eastern and Western Europe.

Every family has questions they would like to have answered. Professional genealogists, with knowledge and access to a variety of resources, can often shed light on family mysteries and answer these questions.

Kline Research & Genealogy Services can help trace a family history, solve a family mystery, obtain historical records, locate missing heirs, research a subject and perform literature reviews. Full written reports with complete citations are provided for each case.


While Kline Research is based in Pennsylvania near the State Archives and State Library, research can be done on subjects from other states as well. In this case original records are obtained through correspondence.


Kline Research maintains contact with excellent researchers in other U.S. states, and in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, France, England, Ireland, including Northern Ireland and more. 

Record retrieval from the Pennsylvania State Archives or the State Library can usually be obtained within one week or less. A contact in Salt Lake City can access records from the Family History Library.


For a free consultation contact us at:


Kathleen A. Kline MSLS, Principal 



July 2019

The State Library of Pennsylvania building is temporarily closed for renovations and there will be limited access to the collections at a remote site. See https://www.statelibrary.pa.gov/Pages/moving.aspx/